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Post Landing services

Once you have acquired your visa, whether it is a Permanent Residence visa, Student Visa, or any other type of visa, the next challenge is a smooth transition to other countries. Many of us have no contacts or very limited contacts in other countries, while some do not wish to take support from others and want to move on their own. Well, in that case, we are here to provide you with complete assistance in your initial settlement in Australia from the very star.

After you have landed in your destined country, it is important that you seek answers to some of the important questions such as:

What you are going to do? Where you are going to stay? How would you reach your accommodation? The answers to all these questions remain in our post landing services. These are the services which come into act when you have landed into your destined country. Our team of experts will guide all necessary post landing assistance which includes services like

  • Airport pick up
  • Temporary accommodation
  • Bank account opening
  • Mobile SIM card
  • Guidance on part time job etc.
  • It is only after our students settle down we feel that we have completed our task.
  • Assistance in applying for a Driving License, type of documentation required, and tips on buying car.
  • Assistance in applying for Medicare card. Also assist in filling the online/ manual forms.
  • House search assistance – Provide tips on choosing property, location, and guidance on lease agreements and tenant obligations, so that you have a clear idea before you make a decision

Pre Landing Assistance:

It's a common phenomenon that everybody needs to make certain preparations before they take an important step as big as overseas migration in their life. Immigrating to an overseas country is a very crucial step in anybody’s life, so it is obvious that careful and thorough preparation is required at the applicants end to ensure a hassle free migration in the host country. There are several factors that are to be taken care of.

Job Search:

Finding a job is really difficult in any overseas country. We make it easy for you to search the job profile which suits your conditions without compromising on any aspect. We will make you aware about where you can find news related to employment, career, and such other news which can help you in finding a job.

Our Employment Readiness Course:

The ERC program is a program whose function is to cover issues related with landing a job in the overseas country. These issues are like preparing clients with skills like work ethics, making them globally competitive, and helping them in acquiring the skills which will be crucial for them.

Orientation Sessions are a must for a hassle free and smooth stay in the country. Our counselors impart the customers with valuable knowledge of the foreign country in which they are immigrating. In this program people will be made aware about things like banking, life insurance, social life and culture, health and education, health services, traveling and many others. These sessions are really worthy when it is about saving the time of the customers. Most importantly when a person is exposed to our orientation sessions then he or she would be acclimatized to the conditions that he or she would be expected to confront in the overseas country.

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