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Germany Study Visa

Germany: Overview

Germany, a country with 82 million native people and 7.3 million people who are foreigners, lies in the heart of Europe. With a long history of inviting foreign students for higher education to study in Germany, it is fast becoming a most desirable study abroad destination among Indian students. If you are also planning for studying abroad at an affordable educational cost than there could be no other country like Germany in terms of providing world-class education. You will be studying at one of the most reputed college or university of the country among 400 public universities of Germany for international students

Why Study in Germany:

One of the hardest things about staying abroad is to manage expenses. However, being a student in Germany is a boon in itself. The Students, as mentioned above do not need to pay any tuition fee at all. Additionally, there are several other benefits. Being a student one is entitled to receive a transport ticket which is called semester ticket. With this ticket, they are allowed to travel within the radius of 50kms without paying a single penny. Whereas on the other hand, a person without semester ticket has to pay nearly 80 Euros to 170 Euros per month solely for travel.

Secondly, the entry in many museums, art galleries, some exhibitions, and theaters is free of cost. Germany is full of various interesting museums and is considered as great source information for students.

Even in the language class, if a student is interested in learning German or any other foreign language at the university during semester break or at any private institute; he or she receives a substantial amount of student’s discounts.

What more, some restaurants even offer a meal and drinks for free to students with their student card!

Eligibility Criteria to study in Germany:
  • Admission to programmes in Germany are granted on the basis of previous academic record. However, for some management courses a GMAT is required, and some engineering programmes require a GRE score. You will need to check the requirements of the university you are applying to.
  • The TOEFL is a standard test required for programmes that have English as a medium of instruction
  • Applying for admission:
    • You have to apply for admission directly to the universities. Application forms can be requested from the International offices of universities. The filled applications have to be sent back to the university along with documents required to be attached. The attached documents must normally be authenticated copies of your certificates. You will also have to include authenticated copies of certificates confirming your knowledge of German, if required
    • The Winter semester starts in October and the Summer semester starts in April. The application deadline is 15th July for the Winter semester and 15th January for the Summer semester.

Newwill Immigration Process:
  • 1. Career Counseling: Meet our experrienced counselors to discuss which country or cource have the scope for your program of interest.
  • 2. Entrance Test: Based on the country and cource. we can identify the Entrance tests (GRE, GMAT, SAT, Etc.)
  • 3. University Shortlisting: Based on the test scores, our Sr. Consuselors will help to shortlist the universities apt for you.
  • 4. Documentation: we will guide in the preparation of Drafts of key documents such as SOP, LORs, Essays, Resume, Etc.
  • 5. University Applications: Students will be guided for the application for the course through the online of offline.
  • 6. Finalcial Documentation: Through one to one discussion and our seminers we will guide the student and their sponsors with regards to finances and education loans.
  • 7. Visa Application: We help in visa application, from filing and interviews if applicable.
  • 8. Post Visa: We will help for foreign exchange, flight, booking, insurance, etc. and connect you to other students who will join you.

Study Visa Process

Newwill Immigration Process
Some of the Top Universities:

In order to solve any other query regarding your selected university, course, visa process, or any other aspect, you may contact our expert team at Study and Work Abroad, who will provide comprehensive information and resolve your issues rather easily.

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