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Applicants interested in studying in Quebec need to first apply for a Certificat d’acceptation de Quebec (Certificate of Acceptance for Quebec, or CAQ) and then apply for a study permit.
What is the procedure to apply to study in Quebec?
Age is one factor that counts for points under the CRS. Age is worth up to 110 points for a single applicant or 100 points for a candidate with a spouse or common-law law partner. Maximum age points are awarded to candidates between ages 20 and 29. After the age of 45, candidates may still be eligible to submit Express Entry profiles or obtain Invitations to Apply however they are no longer awarded no CRS points for age.
Does my age have an impact on my Comprehensive Ranking System score?
The Provincial Nominee Programs were established by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC, formerly CIC) to allow Canada's different provinces and territories to select individuals who indicate an interest in settling in a particular province/territory and who will be able to contribute to that province/territory's economic development.
Most, but not all, provinces and territories of Canada participate in the Provincial Nominee Program
What are the Provincial Nominee Programs?
No. Quebec has a separate agreement with the Government of Canada, which allows the province to select individuals who indicate a desire to reside in that province. The government of Quebec is the only provincial government with the authority to determine the selection of individuals outside of the Provincial Nominee Program. Quebec has its own immigration selection criteria.
Is the province of Quebec part of the Provincial Nominee Program?
Most provinces are looking for individuals who will contribute to the province's economic growth, and are willing to settle in that province. Criteria that provinces take into consideration may include the following:
  • Job offer in the province
  • Education
  • Work experience in critical industries
  • English and/or French language skills
  • Close relations in that province
  • Ability to adapt to life in that province
What criteria do most provinces look for in their Nominees?
A job offer is a genuine offer of employment from a legitimate Canadian employer.
What is a "job offer" within the context of Canadian immigration?
Generally, individuals who are not Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents require a valid work permit to work in Canada. However, foreign workers can do some jobs in Canada without a work permit.
Who needs a valid work permit to work in Canada?
Medical examinations are valid for one year from the date of the examination. You must undergo a new medical examination if your visa has not been issued within one year of your medical examination date.
How long are medical examinations valid for?

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