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Australia Immigration

Australia has been a great spot for various people for various reasons. The continent is surrounded with Indian and Pacific Oceans, which make the land more beautiful and lovable to live for many people. While considering the economic development of the country, the country is referred as one of the largest mixed-market economies in the world with a GDP of A$1.69 trillion as of 2017. The country is marked as the top provider for building career with globalised education. Foreign candidates from all parts of the world come together for this wonderful nation to study and build their career.

Why Australia?
  • 300+ occupations in Demand:

    Australia is great destination for starting up business, better employment opportunities.

  • 300Good Pay Package:

    The average salary in Australia for a person working full time is a $ 78,724. To know, how much you can earn in Australia? Contact us will help you.

  • Work Life Balance:

    Australian enjoys great work life balance, especially for working parents to enjoy time with their family. As per the recent survey following Australian cities are ranked most livable cities.

  • Quick Processing:

    Australia seeks nearly 1, 90, 000 skilled and semi skilled worker each year. The Australian government makes every effort to grant visa as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

  • Permanent Residency Benefits:

    A Permanent Resident holder of Australia can enjoy benefits of first world nations. A list of benefits can be viewed on.

Australia Immigration

Australia has one among the top immigration destinations in the world. If offers plenty of opportunities for the new immigrants in the country, especially for the one coming on Skilled Migrant Visa, Study Visa, Business Visa, etc. With its most organized point based system, high wages, cultural diversity, world class cities, and high employment rate.

Australia has a point based system, and candidates are selected based on these system. The process of availing an Australia PR can be achieved with online and offline activities. Under the General Skilled Migration (GSM) programs, an applicant can apply for a Provisional or Permanent Resident Visa under Subclass 189, 190 & 489. Through these options Skilled Workers can live and work in Australia for an indefinite period. After having met all the requirements, Skilled Workers can apply for Australian Citizenship as well..

Australia Immigration Benefits:
Healthcare Facilities Healthcare Facilities
Best Education Best Education
Move to New Zealand Move to New Zealand
Visit 183 Countries Visit 183 Countries
Privilege to Sponsor Privilege to Sponsor
Social Security Benefits Social Security Benefits
About NewWill Immigration

Newwill Visa Immigration Consultancy is an expert team of experienced and hard-working members. We deliver customized relocation solution packages based on the requirements of the clients in terms of future career growth. Our Immigration Services are designed to equip our clients with thorough information enabling them to make informed decisions.

Our experienced immigration consultants and lawyers provide services to aspiring immigrants who wish to migrate to Australia, Canada, Hongkong and Germany, etc.
-Grow globally take your career one step further!

NewWill Immigration Process:
NewWill Immigration Process
Service we Provide:
  • Offering assessments of our clients’ chances of being approved for a visa.
  • Job Assistance with in Australia country
  • Preparing Resume and Cover Letter as per the Australian Standards
  • Helping prepare a clients’ immigration applications and paperwork, or proofreading them to ensure they are accurate and error-free.
  • Assisting clients in all facets of immigration to Australia, including family sponsorship, appeals, refugee claims, temporary residency, and student immigration and working in Australia.
  • Preparing clients for interviews with different types of visa officers.

List of Australia Products

Australia is one of the countries providing Permanent Residency Visa for foreign skilled candidates. There are list of visa programs listed by the country’s government. Each visa program has its own principle rules and restrictions, i.e. the visa programs are different. To achieve a permanent residency, the skilled candidates have to opt for Skilled Worker Visa program, temporary worker visa programs for a visit for shorter time, and also there are still more visas such as Resident Return visa, study visa and more.

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